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we're here to help people whose lives are affected by drugs

The hi way

The hi team have been solving problems for our members. The hi way is a new project designed in response to a request for a dynamic pathway tool from Leeds DAT. We are very proud of our response, we think you are going to like it too!

Why use the hi way? 

There are over 900 front line staff signed up as members of hiwecanhelp, the hi way connects you to them. 

Service directories can list services but don’t support the decision making process for the individual.  The people who need to understand the information often don’t see these in the first place and if they do, can be very confused by the profusion of service providers.  Directories do not help a person to find out what other services are available to them and how they can be accessed in a easy way.  Regular service directories can often be out of date and don't provide daily updates for people accessing a duty system for example.  Care pathways and service directories are often printed, making them obsolete very quickly and unresponsive to service change.  Often they are also difficult to read and make finding information quickly very hard.

What does this result in? 

Confusion about what treatment is available creates delays in treatment.  Inappropriate referrals waste time and are an unnecessary administrative expense. 

What worried us? 

There is no existing online secure service that can provide out of hours information that supports the health, social care and police services.  Current online resources are centrally managed by relevant teams in each sector.  During extended holiday periods and weekends there is no locally managed service that can co-ordinate all of these important services. This costs time in emergencies and can cost lives in the event of a major public health crisis during the weekend or evening. 

What would the hi team do? 

  • Total service response (covering all areas of the treatment system, commissioned and private services) 
  • Out of hours special access information (password protected)
  • Information for the persons treatment journey 
  • Faster and fairer access to services 
  • Alternatives to intensive drug treatment for those who are working but need supports to reduce or stop less problematic drug use before it gets out of hand.  The hi way could also provide space for non commissioned services to promote their services. 
  • Faster access to a wider range of drug and alcohol treatments preventing entrenched drug use in the future.
  • Easier access to services that will prevent loss of life.
  • Reduction in helplessness when accessing services and improvement in adherence to treatment due to greater understanding of the treatment process. 
  • Reduction of waste in the referral system. 
  • Reduction of waiting and delays in the treatment system by improved understanding of the referral and assessment requirements. (clients know what to expect and are better able to provide accurate information) 

The hi way will be accessible by mobile phones over the internet which will give more people access to this information.  Individuals will understand more about what the process is and understand what recovery from drug treatment means and know what after care support is available from the beginning of the treatment journey.

Do you provide a rehab service? 

Please check out  Information for rehabs in the supporting documents section below to find out how we can make you part of our members daily processes.  

Find out more about becoming a hi member and using the hi way: 

Barbara Marriner

NHS Innovations North

1 Hylton Park

Wessington Way



Tel: 0191 5164400

Fax: 0191 5164401



NHS Innovations North is a service delivered by RTC North on behalf of the NHS

Find out more about the hi way! 

We have provided some slide shows and additional information in the supporting documents section, have a look and get in touch if you have any questions.  Please contact us if you have any questions about our exciting new project or to discuss our excellent value membership opportunities.  

The hi way

The hi way

Supporting Documents

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