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we're here to help people whose lives are affected by drugs


Hi provides group discussion forums to keep the discussions alive and happening. Please be responsible in how you use this tool. Use common sense with the groups, for example, do not mention people's names address or place of work, everyone has a right to confidentially. A moderator has access to all the groups, if any post is considered offensive it will be removed.

When you sign up to the hi site you agree to the terms and conditions, please refer to them if you are not sure what you have agreed to.

Join a group

These groups are available for you to join

  • Family and friends

    Are you worried about a family member or friend's drug use? Use the group page to share your experience.

  • General discussion

    Access all areas group, exchanging information between everyone connected to drug treatment and harm reduction.

  • People who use drugs

    Speak to people like you, get opinion and advice from workers and don't be afraid to ask questions.