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we're here to help people whose lives are affected by drugs

Food Groups

Food plays an important role in recovery. Work with the hi team as we share easy to take home information about shopping, sharing ideas and enjoying food. Food Groups a course developed by hi and can be facilitated in your area.




Need Food Groups explores everything food!   

The sessions encourage a smart, passionate and flexible approach to
 shopping, cooking and eating.  
Smart becuase participants: 

  • learn about thier own needs
  • understand their patterns
  • analyses of costs and benefits
  • make informed decisions

Passionate because participants:

  • engage with the process from where they are at
  • work at their own level and speed 
  • have space to develop a passion for food based on knowledge
  • engage in a postivie way when the power relationship with food changes

Flexible because participants:

  • are not expected to stick to a regime
  • learn to compromise using a harm reduction model
  • use their problem solving skills to eat a more balanced diet
  • learn skills to maintain the tools in the kitchen and home to best effect

Anyone who has eaten processed foods or used drugs and alcohol to excess  will benefit from the easy take home advice given during the training. The course is made more accessible and successful through on-line videos and local ‘Food Groups’ meetings.

The content available on the hiwecanhelp website and social media.

Food Groups participants work together to understand how they have developed their own eating patterns.

This is a non-judgmental space to explore eating and develop a passion cooking and eating well.

Who is this training for

  • drug and alcohol day service (staff/service users) 
  • foodbanks (open groups for the local community) 
  • children centre staff /parents 
  • mutual aid groups 
  • hostels 

Course Outcomes

  • Understanding the health implications of a poor diet
  • Developing a knowledge base for smarter shopping
  • Class and culture /Shopping and eating
  • Encouraging people to know how it feels to be well
  • Access to hiwecanhelp tools for local Food Groups

This training examines the social, cultural economic, health and pleasure aspect of food... Participants are well armed with ideas, inspiration and skills to eat well.
Each group develops strategies to ignite passion for cooking and eating. Food Group sessions can be facilitated in your area, please contact Roweena for more information. 


        Need Food Groups training is designed and facilitated by Roweena Russell
        Director of hiwecanhelp 

        E Mail:



Roweena Russell, E: , T: 079 57 57 6305
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