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Bed and breakfast

When you go into Bed and Breakfast it can be difficult to eat well. You may have nowhere to cook or to store food. You may have to eat from takeaways or in cafes. It is more expensive to buy food in small amounts. This information will help you work out how to eat well and keep the costs down.

Food has become a focus for the hi team over the last few years. A key challenge was addressing how you can eat well when your don't have lots of kitchen kit. Say for example, you are living in a B&B. During times of pro-longed stress it is even more important that you can eat well. The hi team made a cookbook and tested out interesting meals using very little kitchen kit. We are delighted to report that it is possible to make low cost food using very little kitchen kit. If you would like us to send you a copy of Need please e-mail and put NEED COOKBOOK OFER in the e-mail subject. If you would like to purchase a copy of need there is a link below. 

Here are some suggestion of what to take with you to your B&B (if you can) to make it easier for you and your family enjoy great food during difficult times. 
These suggestions have come from other people and families who have lived in B&B accommodation themselves.  

• Tin opener
• Sharp knife
• Cutlery-knife, fork, spoon, teaspoon (one set for each member of the family)
• Crockery – plate, bowl, mug, etc, (one for each member of the family)
• Pan
• Cheese Grater
• Toaster
• Airtight containers 
• Tupperware
• Pan with a lid
• Electric kettle but one may be provided

With this equipment you could cook lots of the recipes provided on this site, each one has been kitchen tested with  a group, so enjoy. 

If you have any additional ideas that may help others please mail


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