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Modified Texture Diets

Some people need to eat softer types of food; this may be for a short time or for longer depending on what the problem is. This short section will help you identify what foodstuffs to look for. If your mouth is painful for a long period of time it is important that you see a dentist to get it sorted.

Normal Diet

  • Full range of foods including hard solids
  • Effortful chewing needed


  • Toast
  • Cucumber
  • Pizza

Soft Diet

  • Naturally soft foods with no crunchy toppings or pastry
  • No need to liquidise – gentle chewing required
  • No hard solids – e.g. toast, stringy food (celery), biscuits, fruit with tough skins


  • Cornflakes soaked in milk
  • Sandwich with moist fillings, eg. egg mayonnaise
  • Fish pie (potato topped)
  • Pasta in sauce

Pureed Diet

  • Thick liquid – able to run off a spoon
  • No lumps – must be a smooth, even consistency


  • Porridge (no lumps)
  • Pureed pasta bake
  • Pureed vegetables (not stringy)
  • Yoghurt (without lumps of fruit)


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