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we're here to help people whose lives are affected by drugs

Specialist Diets

Some foods are particularly helpful in aiding recovery. For example, crack and cocaine recovery is helped by a diet high in omegas. This section gives information about specialist diets which may help the recovery process.

We provide recipes to support your recovery, tailored to people with particular health problems. This resource will always be growing, so if you have suggestions let the hi team know.  

hi also provides a special section to help you use leftovers and get more creative in the kitchen. 

Spend some time exploring the food section and eat your way to a healthier recovery! 


Food to improve mental health

I'm So Glad

1/2          Banana
1 Cup    Yoghurt
I small   Apple, cut and cored
I tsp        Flaxseed or Wheat Germ Oil
To taste Pure Water

Yoghurt, banana, and apples are some of the best source of the amino
acid tyrosine, which according to the data, successfully treats some
forms of depression. Flaxseed and wheat germ oils are the highest plant
sources of "omega-3 super-unsaturated fatty acids, apparently needed to
counter act depression.
Blend all ingredients together and thin with a small amount of water if
too thick.

Heavenly Peace

1 Cup     Whole Cashews
2 Cups   Cantaloupe or Mango, chopped
2 Tbsp    Wheat Germ
To taste   Pure Water

Cahews, mango, and cantaloupe are high, in anacardic acid, an organic
acid that has been used as an anti-depressive. Wheat germ is the second
best dietary source of folic acid (after brewer's yeast) and is is one
of the best sources of acetylcholine, which is crucial for the the
health of never fibers and the transmission of nerve impulses. It is
also high in energy (calories)  and the minerals chromium and iron.
Blend all ingredients together and thin.

Liquid Pro-Zap

1 cup    Apple juice, freshly juiced Shop bought juice concentrate or
otherwise is pasturised (that is heated) removing most of the vitamins
and enzymes.
1 Tbsp  Brewers Yeast
1 Tbsp  Blue-green, Spirulina or Chorella Algae
1 Tbsp  Lecithin Granules
1 tsp      Ginseng Granules or extract

Pharmaceutical drugs are only an invention of the 20th century. A far
back as the ancient Greeks and Chinese, medicines were derived from
plants. This liquid plant medicine contains lots of anti-depressive
compounds in the form of vitamin B12; Spirulina, and brewer's yeast,
Algaes are superb antioxidants and our best sources of vitamins B12 and
nucliec acids, crucial for mental acuity and alertness. Lecithin is the
best source of the B vitamin factor choline, which is involved in the
manufacture of myrlin sheaths for healthy nervous system. The
ginsenosides in ginseng fight fatigue, increase stamina, and feed the
nervous system.

While this drink may give you a zap, it is not a drug. Herbs and foods
nourish you for the long term in a way that enables higher functioning.
Chemicals may spike you up but keep dependent. Real improvement takes
time. Regular consumption of the good nutrients in this drink and others
will produce results.

This page was created to support the hiwecanhelp radio show aired throughout July to support Newcastle Pride. These mental health boosting ideas where developed by Steve Meyerowitz and  shared with the hi team by Eileen who is a regular listener to Pride 

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