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The cost of food is always rising; this does not mean that you can’t save money when shopping.

Remember-cheep food can be just as nutritious-it doesn’t have to be expensive to be healthy. But cheapest isn’t always the best with meat.  It is often better to buy smaller amounts of lean meat.

 Try not to shop when you are very hungry as you are more likely to buy extras. 

Always plan meals in advance and make a shopping list-try to avoid impulse buying or shopping everyday. 

Check ingredients for recipes before shopping.  Popping to the corner shop for one item works out very expensive.

Buy “own” labels and make use of special offers-you could stock up the freezer with them. Try shopping with a friend-share a taxi home and even share “buy one get one free” offers. Avoid just using the supermarket for everything; butchers, fruit and vegetables shops and the local marker are often cheaper. 

Stick to fruit and vegetables that are in season-also loose apples, carrots may be cheaper than packaged. Look out for bargains at the end of the day or week, but check they are still good quality.  And remember a bargain is only a bargain if you need it.