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Eating without cooking

Cooking food can take time and costs money. The food pages offer you some ideas to help save you money by changing how you cook.

  • Try one pot cooking using a divided saucepan with a steamer or metal sieve
  • Use a small amount of water for vegetables and keep the lid on the saucepan
  • Use a toaster, microwave or pressure cooker to reduce cooking time
  • If you are boiling the kettle, only boil as much water as you need
  • Use the oven to the full e.g. cook a casserole, jacket potatoes and rice pudding all at the same time
  • Use more home cooked and less convenience food (especially for small children)
  • Try to cook one meal for all the family
  • Use leftovers of chicken, meat or fish the next day in jacket potatoes, stuffed pancakes or omelettes or use it to make soup.  But don’t forget to reheat leftovers only once and heat through thoroughly
  • Cook jacket potatoes in the microwave or with a metal skewer through them in the oven, they will cook more quickly and save fuel
  • Use vegetables, beans and lentils to bulk up soups and casseroles.  These add flavour as well as providing vitamins, minerals and fibre.  You may need to add extra liquid 
  • Use tinned soup instead of cook-in-sauces 
  • Share meals with a neighbour, friend or family-take turns with the shopping and cooking 
  • Not all meals have to be cooked-try sandwiches or cereal instead