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we're here to help people whose lives are affected by drugs


Being healthy is not just about physical health. It also includes emotional, social, sexual and mental well being. If you are recovering from drug use the idea of "being healthy" can feel like a tall order. But don’t worry - it doesn't all have to happen at once. The hi health section will help you improve your health one step at a time.

It may be easy to think that no matter what you do some health problems are unavoidable. What you hear from friends, families and others around you can leave you feeling helpless and out of control over what happens to your health.

If you feel that poor health is impossible to escape then taking positive action becomes harder. With Hepatitis C for example, some people refuse a test because they are pretty sure they must have it, so why have a test to tell you something you think you already know? What if you don't have it? If you do have Hepatitis C there is treatment, it is possible to clear the virus and there are lots of things you can take action on to improve your health around it. Taking control is a first step and not expecting to be in poor health is equally important. It is possible to prevent poor health and to improve poor health. Use this site to find out where your health services are and discuss referrals with your key worker.

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