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The use of substances can have stimulating effects - desired or not! Consider your nervous system…going about its daily business and then hit by an external influence. Here’s what else is going on…

Ever had a meal late at night and couldn’t sleep as a result? You might think that you would feel quite sleepy after eating until you’re full. The body is a constantly-working breath-pumping machine. You cannot put just anything into it without assuming that it’s going to react. When eating late at night sleep can be disturbed because all of the internal organs are working to break everything down. When substances are put into the body, regardless of the effect, the body will respond to it as though it is an alien that it needs to get rid of.

Here are some ways we can help induce sleep…

Take deep breaths and focus on the exhale

By focusing on exhaling you will completely empty the body of breath - this gets rid of excess carbon dioxide and therefore assists in neutralising what is in the body. It will also make the exhale longer. This has a direct connection to balancing your sympathetic nervous system which needs to be reduced to help you feel relaxed!

Avoid any more stimulation!

This comes in the form of sugar, processed carbohydrates, television, playing games- instead read, write or even draw. Reflect on the stuff that YOU REALLY want to change in your life. This will at least keep you in good spirits which you need in order to knock off.

Have a really hot bath and lay in there for no less than 30 minutes.

Go straight to bed afterwards, don't let the body come out of a relaxed state. The body goes into a deep state of relaxation when it is cooling down.  This state of 'homeostasis' is what the body is ALWAYS trying to achieve, so grab it while you can!

Some more tips to encourage sleep...

Drink something warm - but decaffeinated! Go for several cups of Redbush or Chamomile tea. If you are prone to staying awake and really struggling with sleep then drink these ALL DAY. Those who just have trouble occasionally knocking off should start drinking it a few hours before bedtime.

Listen to a good guided relaxation. Here is a great option for you

Learn to meditate (coming soon).

Have a really hot bath and lay in there for no less than 30 minutes and go straight to bed - don’t let the body come out of its relaxed state.

Make sure that you are actually tired enough - how much exercise do you do in a day? Does it measure up to the amount of weight you carry or the energy that you normally like to have?

Put your index finger against the roof of your mouth and make 10 circles one way and 10 circles the other way. This massages against the ligaments of the sphenoid bone. This bone is the wall in front of the PITUTIARY GLAND. This great gland regulates sleep.  It takes some time to massage these ligaments back into place. Start NOW!

Massage your own feet whilst listening to soothing music. All of the nerve endings in the feet and hands correspond to the brain. The motor and sensory cortex behaviours suggest that without the rest of our senses, these 4 areas of the body will be able to help us manage to get by. Relax the feet - relax the brain!

Make your sleeping space is ceremonial to your resting. Make sure the area is clean and at a comfortable temperature.

Sufficient evidence suggests that REGULAR massage therapy and yoga can help an individual regain regular sleep patterns.  

Jambo Truong (an Integrated Health Practitioner) will be providing regular updates to support better sleeping in recovery, to find out more see his website in the links section below.

Need some sleep support?

Need some sleep support?

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