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we're here to help people whose lives are affected by drugs

Mental Health

Some people have a mental health issue because of their drug use. Some people have a mental health issue as a result of their drug use. It’s a classic chicken and egg situation.

Mental health and drug use is a chicken and egg situation. The hi team aren’t into battery farming so we’ve found an excellent collection of resources to help make sense of mental health issues.

Getting creative

Using creativity to explore feelings can be lots of fun and a great way to explore how you feel.  Communicating feelings is important, but can happen in many ways, art work, photos and words. Hi is working to provide workshops in each.  The hi photo workshop is the first in the series.  We hope you enjoy it, or if you are a worker that you find it a useful tool to use in workshops.  

To get involved in the hi photo work shop go to the link at the end of the page and see what you can add.  hi will continue to provide useful tips to help develop skills, so keep an eye on this link.  Contact the hi team if you would like to share your shots. 

Where can I access a camera? 

If you would like to start taking photos but don’t have access to a camera right away it a good idea to get a simple disposable one to start with.  The disposal has come a long way and can take some decent shots. If you are going to give photography a go with one of there don’t expect a miracle, follow these steps to get the best from a cheap bit of kit, 

Take your photos in good light 

Try not to shoot too far away from your subject 

Keep as still as you can when taking the shot

If you enjoy this outing with the camera ask your local drug treatment service if they are running day programmes that could start a course.  If the service has a stock of cameras you can take part and use the hi flicker site to prompt learning.  

Cameras come in all shapes and sizes and can cost anything from £15 to £5,000 and more.  If your camera has more than 5 mega pixels it should be good enough to enlarge the photo to a decent size and quality.  

If you want to get a project off the ground and need some ideas or support contact

Enjoy what you do.


Macro shot example

Macro shot example

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