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we're here to help people whose lives are affected by drugs

Dance Not Chance

D.A.N.C.E. - easy to remember steps leading to a much better night in our out. Sometimes less really is more, find out how to improve your weekend right here. Drinking alcohol and using drugs or taking lots of different drugs together is dangerous - you’re more likely to overdose, blackout and place yourself in risky situations.

Advice for the club, the house party - or out in the wild

Newcastle has a lively nighttime economy and an increasing student population.

The DANCE NOT CHANCE campaign includes clubs in the city as well house parties large and small, attended by students. The numbers of deaths caused by use of club drugs is rising and the number of women seeking medical attention after taking MDMA has increased 4 fold.  D.A.N.C.E. is a reminder to stay safe when in clubs, at a house party or out in the wild.  

Dance not Chance from hiwecanhelp on Vimeo.




Check out our Dance Not Chance Vimeo chanel. Designed to inform and crack the odd smile.


#SaferPartying is a campaign developed in partnership with Northumbria Police, Newcastle City Council, Public Health, Ambulance Service and Tyne and Wear Fire Service. A set of short videos are hosted here to help students understand the risks associated with large house parties in residential streets and in homes not designed to facilitate such large groups of people. These videos are hard hitting and contain scenes that you may find upsetting. Each one provides information about where you can access support. You will find the rest of the videos in the Safer Clubbing, Safer Sex and Consent and Legal issues pages.  Please share this content with others who will benefit from it, you may save a life.




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