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we're here to help people whose lives are affected by drugs

Safer Clubbing

Drug and alcohol use can put you at risk. Mixing alcohol with one or more drugs increases your risk of needing medical attention and overdose. It is impossible to remove all the risks associated with taking drugs, but it is possible to reduce the harms. To do this, it's important to remember to get informed before you get high. We are here to help. #DANCENOTCHANCE



Wait a minute Safety Plan from hiwecanhelp on Vimeo.

The more you understand about the harm reduction messages the easier it will be to  keep you and your friends safer.

We can’t eliminate all the risks, but we can reduce some of the immediate harms and long term damage by developing positive routines when using drugs and/or alcohol.

Use your own straws- if you are snorting powders as these can spread blood-borne viruses like Hepatitis C. For more information about snorting check out

Time your dose- If you don’t feel the effects after an hour, don’t re-dose- it’s likely to be PMMA  (Poly)methyl methacrylate - also known as acrylic or acrylic glass, as well as by the trade names Plexiglas, Acrylite, Lucite, and Perspex).  Start with a small amount and wait two hours before you take anymore.


Limit your session- stick to a time frame, don’t spend more than you have intended. This is one of those times when less is actually more- find out why here

Eat before you go out and hydrate throughout the night. If you pre-load alcohol before you go out, take a long break when you are out.  If you use stimulants on a regular basis and feel they are damaging your mental health you can eat your way to better health. Check out this crack & cocaine recovery diet - it might be worth thinking about how you could improve your diet anyway to make up for any harms drug use may do over time.

Stay hydrated: Have regular drinks of water- aim for 1 pint an hour. It is best to avoid alcoholic drinks if you are using drugs, try to stay under 6 units if you do drink alcohol. If you mix cocaine and alcohol you create a third harmful drug called cycaethylene in your body. Find out more here

Remember, practise safer sex. Carry condoms & use them to avoid pregnancies, diseases and sexually transmitted infections. The contraception pill and implant may be less effective if you are taking ‘smart drugs’ such as modafinil- so, always use a condom. If someone is ‘out of it’ they can’t consent to sex. Having sex with someone who is asleep, unconscious or unable to consent is rape. Check out for important information about sexual health, chemsex and consent. 

Keep yourself safe. Walk away from confrontation. If you think someone else is at risk of harm call the police. Don't let a violent altercation destroy your life and the lives of others.

Look after your mates- don’t leave the club by yourself, check in when home and the next morning. If you think your mates have overdone it, take them home, encourage them to sip water and look for signs of overdose over night. Your mate may get worse and not better with time.  Make sure your friend is in the recovery position when they are goign to sleep, this could save their life if they are sick during the night. 

Looking after your mates can including saving their life. Please, Don't Walk By

People do overdose on club drugs. Sweating, shaking, rapid heart rate and unconsciousness are all signs of an overdose. If you or someone you’re with experiences 
these symptoms or are acting out of character- get medical help.  It will not be easy to know how to respond if you are under the influence of drug or alcohol. Take some time to get informed and ask your friends to do the same - your life may depend on it someday.





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