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Safer Sex and Consent

Clubbing, house parties and raves in all sorts of places have a few things in common. Some people may use drugs at these events, some people may drink alcohol, some people might also engage in sex. If you engage in sexual activity with someone who is passed out or unable to consent to sex because they are 'out of it' - that is rape.

Before we talk about sexual health and safer sex we need to talk about consent. Remember that is how sex goes if we are talking lesbian sex, gay sex or straight sex - consent before sex or no sex at all.  If the concept of consent is confusing for you - this is an excellent short video that spells it out using something most of us understand- tea!




ASSAULT - FULL from hiwecanhelp on Vimeo.




Now that you are clear about consent we can move on to the safer sex part 

Sex should be an enjoyable experience -  being worried about sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) or pregnancy will take the enjoyment out of the experience. 
Using a condom correctly every time you have sex is the only way to prevent both STI's and pregnancy. A reminder for women that the contraception pill and implant may be less effective if you are taking ‘smart drugs’ such as modafinil- so, always use a condom.

Condoms: the facts

  • Keep your condoms in a cool, dark place, heat can damage them
  • Make sure the condom has a kite mark, that is the British safety standard mark
  • Check that there is air in the pack before you open it
  • Condoms don't last forever. Check the use-by date
  • Keep your condoms handy if there's a chance you're going to have sex. Sperm comes out way before a man ejaculates so put a condom on before you get going
  • Never use a condom more than once. If you can't afford to buy them you can get some free at your local clinic
  • Adding extra lube on the end of the penis after you have rolled the condom on can feel extra good. It is reccommended that you use the full 80ml sachet.

Condoms:  the myths

  • Condoms are made to fit all shapes and sizes. You might need to look around for ones that fit right.
  • Two condoms are NOT better than one. Only ever wear one at a time.
  • Lubricants make condoms easier to put on and make sex more comfortable; but baby oil is NOT the right kind of lubricant to use. Anything with oil in it will increase the chances of the condom splitting, so make sure you use a lubricant that is made for use during sex.

Which lubricants are safe to use with latex condoms?

  • KY Jelly
  • Liquid Silk
  • Maximus

Don't use these with latex condoms:

  • Baby oil
  • Massage oil
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Mineral oil
  • Sunscreen oil and lotions
  • Hand and body lotions
  • Edible oils, such as olive oil
  • Butter
  • Margarine

If you have engaged in Chemsex, or are have some questions about the risks associated with Chemsex regardless of your sexuality - get inforemd.

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