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Oral use is a common and safe way to use. They are swallowed and begin to be absorbed; some begin this process in the mouth, but most take place in the small intestine. The drug will pass through the liver before it enters the blood stream. A lot of the drug is metabolized before it even reaches the bloodstream and it passed through the body.

Harm Reduction Messages

Safer way to use drugs as it takes time for effects to be felt.  This is not the case with Anabolic Steroids as in most cases Anabolic Steroids are more toxic to the body when taken orally as opposed to IM.

Before taking an additional dose, give time for first dose to take effect.  By waiting you can take advantage of this safe method of use and know the strength of what has been taken

As the effects of the drug may be affected by recent eating it may be necessary to take more of the drug, but give the first dose time to take effect

It is important to note that if the drug is abrasive (or harsh) on the lining of the stomach eating or drinking something to line the stomach will be important (weigh up the long term cost benefit)

This method of using drugs is more likely to cause nausea (make you feel a little sick).  

The effects of the drug may last a lot longer than smoking (cannabis for example) and it difficult to know how long this will be.

If you are eating an abrasive drug try wrapping it in thin paper (like cigarette paper) before swallowing it to reduce the damage done to the inside of the mouth and the food pipe.

There are some things you just shouldn't mix. Cocaine + Alcohol=Coca-ethy-lene

There are some things you just shouldn't mix. Cocaine + Alcohol=Coca-ethy-lene