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Rectal "up the bum"

The lining of the anus is delicate and has a high level of blood vessels. Drugs in tablet or liquid form are very quickly absorbed.

When using a liquid solution this way some people may feel an urgent need to go to the toilet.  Understanding how the rectum and the sphincter muscle works will be an advantage here.  This muscle tightens (contracts) to prevent any “matter” or loose fluid coming out of the anus.

Depending on what drug is used and how easily absorbed it is, the effects can be much stronger.  Potency can be increased as much as 200-300% compared to oral use.  

Why try this method?

The "up your bum"  is a good way to give veins a rest for those who simply don’t like smoking heroin or for those who experience nausea after smoking.  This method is not without faults, but is an option. 

The heroin is cooked up in the same way as if it were to be injected, drawn up in to the barrel of the syringe.  Removing the pin (if you do not get 1ml syringes with a removable pin, use a 2ml barrel with removable pin).  Do not attempt to break off the top of the 1ml.  The “Never Share” 1ml pins can be removed safely and are the best option for this way of using. You don’t want to share works if you are going UYB!   The lining of the anus is very delicate, this works to the advantage as it can absorb drugs easily and quickly, take care of it.  

How its done 

Take care to practice the same harm reduction steps as you normally when using this way.  

Always use a good quality lubricant (you can ask for free lube from the harm reduction service or at your sexual health service)

Apply a small amount of lube on the outside of the barrel

You only need to insert the barrel about an inch inside the anus

Slowly push the plunger down, if you are going to fast you will know
Resist the urge to go to the toilet, the feeling will pass

Cocaine Use

Cocaine is an anaesthetic, it is not recommended to use cocaine up the bum.