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Sublingually (SL)

Sublingually means ‘under the tongue.’ When a drug is placed under the tongue it can be absorbed by small blood vessels that are present just under the tongue. The amount required is often much lower than an oral dose as the drug will rapidly enter the bloodstream without first going through the liver.

Harm Reduction Messages

The mouth is able to absorb the drug quickly it does not need to go through the liver before entering the blood stream.  Less of the drug is required to get the desired effect.  

You may have to hold the drug in your mouth for some time before it is absorbed, it may not taste pleasant.  

Diversion: If you are buying someone else’s Subutex for injecting purposes, you are also spending good money on what ever is in their mouth.  

The mouth is home to many germs and fungi.  

IV Subutex is very popular in France. As a result of injecting other people’s saliva so is Systemic Candida (SC) which is a yeast based fungal infection that has many symptoms.