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we're here to help people whose lives are affected by drugs brings a new dimension to harm reduction and drug treatment. Hi is not an organisation, it is a cyber collective that provides a space to share information, ideas and best practice. The harm reduction model is at the centre of what Hi does; provide clear, up-to-date information to reduce the harms for people who use all types of drugs.

Hi recognises that harm reduction cannot be effective without the inclusion of a human rights approach. Access to information and understanding drug treatment and having fair access to health care is an important step in developing a human rights model working alongside harm reduction.

Hi will provide drug users, their families and carers and front line workers with information to support learning, understanding and professional development. The content of the site has not been produced by one person, but by many professionals in drug treatment and relevant fields. Hi prides itself on using technology in a practical way to reduce the harm caused by drug use to all members of society. The site is always developing; the site team can be contacted if you have suggestions and recommendations for future developments. As a member of hi, your partnership area can use the site to promote your activities and share good practice on a National level.

What can hi do for my Drug Action Team?

Hi was developed in North Tyneside as a vehicle to support the development and delivery of the harm reduction strategy. It quickly became clear that the site could become a National resource. Hi was adapted during the design phase of the site to enable other drug action teams to upload their area specific information to the site making hi a National resource, but hosting local information.

Signing up to hi means that you have input to the future development of a web site that uses technology and innovation to get the harm reduction and treatment message across to your target audience.

Hi represents great value for money as you don’t have to develop a harm reduction or treatment site yourself, you can change important service information as you want to free of charge and ensure that everyone has the most up to date information for your DAT area.

What will becoming a member of hi mean for my DAT?

Will I need a staff member to collect all the information we need for the site?

The hi team have designed content collection methods so that the experience is as smooth as it can be from start to finish. There is a lot of work involved in getting the content you want to go on the site, but using the tools provided don’t worry - it’s painless! The North Tyneside team found that the process of collecting the information improved communication between services and created an energetic and creative working group.

The good news

You have it already; you just need to get the content into one place

By investing in you will never have to go through this process again, you can keep all your service information up to date on whatever basis you wish

Will I need a staff member to keep our information up to date?

When you sign up to become a member you should designate a central administrator to manage the content collection. The designated site administrator can up date all of your DAT specific information. The administrator will be trained in the hi content management system that enables you to change or update certain parts of the site. Content management is only available for your DAT information, the general information on the site can only be changed by the hi team. It is important to note that as a hi member you will be consulted on how the site develops and its future direction. If services in your area have examples of good practice that you feel should replace information on the main part of the site contact the team, provide us with the content and the worker/service will be acknowledged for the work. There are examples of how you can be involved in this process in the content sharing section of this document.

What is the process for collecting information?

There are a few stages to getting the information together for hi, the first is to select your team of willing volunteers. It is useful to have a representative from each of the services listed on the page

sample video quality

The site was designed to reflect the treatment system and the membership of the Joint Commissioning Group. Having a representative from each on your hi team will make content collection easier.

With each area of content we will ask you to introduce it in a word document, this introduction will appear on the web site for your DAT area.

The main content areas are:

  • Contacts database (see separate section with guide)
  • Referral forms to access:
  • Drug treatment information and waiting time for treatment
  • Hepatitis C and testing treatment
  • Any other referral forms workers use on a regular basis
  • Pathway documents that are current and up to date
  • Protocols and strategies you want to make public

Contacts Database

We have provided a database for you with instructions to help you along. The screen sample from the site show above lists the categories of services included on the site. It is vital you check that all of the information you provide is current.

sample video quality

There is also a word document that comes with this part of content, it gives you space to describe the services in more detail and is more narrative for the visitor.

The site was designed so that people including recreational drug users can access it without it being a very obviously “Drug” site. The name of the site does not show up on the search history on the computer making it possible for people to get the information without the risk. If your providers are running out of hours support groups hi is a great way to let them know about the service.

Referral forms

You can provide as many as you wish, but don’t forget, if they change or you want to add more you can do so as and when you need to, this is the beauty of hi.

Drug treatment and waiting time for treatment

You can provide specific information about drug treatment in your area and include waiting times if you so wish. When the team were developing hi we consulted service users, they agreed that having waiting time displayed on the site would be useful for those who think that you have to wait for weeks to get in to drug treatment.

Hepatitis C and testing treatment

Your DAT area can publish where testing and treatment is available, this is linked to the service page where you can even print out an appointment card and map for service users to reduce anxiety regarding testing and treatment. You can also use the site to promote testing and treatment at key times in the year.

Pathways Documents

When working groups develop pathways to treatment they are often difficult to implement, hi was designed to make life easier in the drug treatment field. You can use the site to publish the full document and publish the referral forms and other necessary information in the intervention section of the site used by teams when key working clients or making referrals. Your hi administrator can make sure all the correct paper work is in use from one central point, this feature should help improve the implementation of your new pathways.

Protocols and Strategy Documents

Using hi to publish protocols reduces the chances of them being forgotten and left of a shelf. It also means that you can make necessary changes to terms of reference, membership of groups and the protocol itself quickly and without sending out e-mails to members. You can also quickly alert your services providers of changes and updates.

We may be stating the obvious, but BACK UP YOUR DATA ALL THE TIME

Keep track of the various versions as you go along

Content Sharing

The hi team have limited the initial content on the site in several areas, this is to ensure that all hi members have a presence on the site. The following are some examples of where your service providers can show case the good work they do:

  • Relapse prevention tools or activities
  • Training materials
  • Health promotion activities your services have designed
  • Recipes for the diet and nutrition health section
  • Other information relevant to the site

The hi team are committed to ensuring that the best information is available to share, so if there is any part of the site that your DAT area can enhance contact the team.

Costs, where will I spend and where do I save money?

There are two main costs to becoming a hi member set up and annual costs. The set up fee is £5,000 this covers the costs of:

  • Space on the site
  • The rights to use all of hi resources
  • Administration time and of course the costs of up loading your information on to the site
  • Cards and other merchandise for marketing the site in your area

Developing a website from scratch is expensive, not to mention time consuming. Trust us, we’ve been there and we know! A typical quote from a company can run into the tens of thousands of pounds for a single partnership website as well as the ongoing costs.

The annual charge of £450 buys all hi members:

  • Technical support
  • Hosting charges
  • Development costs, the current site is simply phase one of the hi project. The more DATs that become members hi the greater the possibilities for its future, as with the content, the future of hi is left open for its members to decide.

The initial fee of £5,000 will save you money by improving communication in your treatment system and reducing the need for updating leaflets when there is a change in service providers. Publishing your treatment pathways on hi will ensure that referrals are always appropriate, saving you and your service users time. The administration of appropriate referrals is always faster and less expensive. Hi also makes introducing changes in the treatment journey easier and faster by providing space on the site for referral forms and other relevant documentation needed by your service providers.

Owning information:

Responsibilities for keeping content up to date:

One of the challenges with providing service information is ensuring that it is up to date. Hi was designed with change in mind. Our content management a system allows you to make changes to your contact database as and when you need to. We hope this function will limit the level of confusion when changes occur in your treatment system. You can also notify all your hi members of the changes in the system and even discuss the impact by setting up a discussion thread for your area in the groups section.

Sample video quality

This is an example of the animation quality on the safer injection section of hi. For safety reasons, this section can only be accessed by staff who have signed in to the hi staff pages. The text that accompanies this animation sequence helps to engage service users in the injection process and provides time for reflection on practices. Hi also provides animated information on how crack lung occurs.

sample video quality

Who built hi?

TH_NK is a strategic digital agency with a fantastic working culture and a reputation for the creative and innovative way we think.

We spend our days exploring new technologies and using real creativity and innovation to bring brands to life online. We don’t just design and build websites. We provide our clients with everything from long-term digital strategies and creative campaigns to serious online applications. The Web is our playground after all.

As well as being voted the fastest-growing company at the Deloitte Fast 500 awards across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, we were also voted the UK’s 4th fastest-growing company in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50. That’s the highest place ever to be achieved by a company within the digital marketing sector.

We're also one of only ten companies in the UK to become members of the W3C – a global organisation that ensures the Web is reaching its full potential. This means we are well and truly plugged in to the most cutting-edge advances needed to keep abreast of fast-changing new technologies.

Since we opened our doors back in 2002, we have grown from a team of 3 to almost 60 and are continuing to attract an impressive calibre of clients along the way. Clients such as BBC, Bupa, Hays Recruitment and the NHS to name but a few.

If you would like to know more about TH_NK why not visit our website, or contact Ryan Hall on 0191 241 7000 or email

Managing your own DAT space

The content management system (cms) developed by TH_NK for the hi website is extremely easy to use. The help section on the site helps you through the process step by step. You can switch between the cms and the site at click of a button. There are safety features built in to the cms to ensure all your information is safe.

sample video quality

The hi team will be in touch to along the process to provide you with support. When you are happy that all the information you want on the site for "go live" is ready, the team can set your account to live from the main hi site. There are no requirements for numerous meetings, train or car journeys and no waiting for someone to change your information for you. The team have worked hard to ensure that the process is an easy and rewarding one.

We hope you choose to go live with