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Blood borne viruses

HIV, Hepatitis A, B & C are all blood borne viruses, and are often misunderstood. Hi will help you get a better understanding of prevention, transmission, treatment and recovery. The Hepatitis C Trust, Dublin AIDS Alliance and the Medical Foundation for AIDS and Sexual Health have provided content for this section.

The matter of blood borne viruses (bbv) is not only a medical one; it is a political, social, economic, class, and personal matter. From the 1980's on, HIV/AIDS has provoked a strong reaction from people with a variety of political and moral points of view. As the medical advancements and improvements continue, other improvements such as universal access to health care and the stigmatisation of people living with HIV/AIDS sadly remains a problem.

Hepatitis C did not get the same media exposure as HIV/AIDS; harm reduction efforts were successful in reducing the transmission of HIV in the drug using community. Hep C quietly and very successfully gained a foot hold in the door of drug using communities. The drive to encourage IV drug users to test is escalating. Hepatitis B vaccines are now promoted in almost all drug treatment services. Confusion about the differences between the viruses and how they are treated continues.

Understanding the facts about bbv's and knowing that it is possible to not only prevent the transmission but also to treat them is essential. Early detection of all bbv's will reduce the levels of damage it can cause to the body. The hi team will keep you up to date with developments in the field and tell you about the good work going on around the country.

Thanks to everyone who got together to raise awareness for World AIDS Day 2008.  

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