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Electro-stimulation therapy (EST)

EST is a complimentary treatment that assists clients in relaxation, reduces cravings, withdrawal symptoms, stress and tension. This therapy is particularly useful for stimulant users because it takes effect very quickly.

Treatment process

The treatment uses initially auricular acupuncture points which are stimulated using small painless electrical pulses via surface electrodes.  

These pulses stimulate the production of substances that form part of the body’s natural mechanism for dealing with stress (endorphins).  

Unlike acupuncture the probes do not break the skin.

What to expect

You will be asked to complete a short health check before the treatment begins, this is just to make sure that you will not experience any negative effects from the treatment. 

All the answers you give are confidential and will help the therapist to make sure you get the most from the treatment.

The EST process is painless and works very quickly; a relaxation effect can be experienced within 30 seconds.  

The equipment used by the therapist is in a box there are some dials and controls, this will all be explained to you before the treatment begins.  


Take time to relax in a well ventilated room after the treatment and if at any point during or after the treatment you feel unwell make sure to let the therapist know.  


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