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we're here to help people whose lives are affected by drugs

Complementary therapies

Drug treatment can work in many different ways and it may be helpful to combine a number of treatments. Complementary treatments are often helpful for relaxation and improving sleep patterns. Though relatively new to the UK they have been used for thousands of years.

The expression don’t knock it until you have tried it might be appropriate here. Complementary treatments may sound strange, but they have been used in eastern countries for over 5,000 years.  Accessing these therapies and learning more about foods that will help the body to recover from drug use may give you a real advantage in drug treatments. Most harm reduction services and drug treatment services offer some complementary therapies on site, talk to your key worker about giving one a try.  

This section of the site will give you an idea of what to expect and what the potential benefits are.

hi are putting more focus on providing more information to support your recovery.  This page has been expanded to provide a quick guide to more available therapies. 


Ayurveda is the science of medicine from India. It’s complete, holistic philosophy is based on various types of medical massage with the use of herbs and essential oils, yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, dietary and lifestyle advice.

Ayurveda believes that unique individuals need to eat, exercise and live in particular ways that are specific for their constitution.

Expect a consultation and a prescription of physical and meditative exercises alongside a preferred diet and massage.

Shirobhyanga (Indian Head Massage) 

Fully clothed, expect a massage to the shoulders, arms, neck, head and face. Sometimes large quantities of oils are used to nourish the scalp and hair. This vigorous treatment not only relaxes the upper part of the body, but also stimulates blood and oxygen flow to the head. This promotes pain relief to the local areas, improved concentration and dramatic stress relief.

Abhyanga- Body Massage

Expect oil massage using copious amounts of specifically blended oils for your constitution. Various different types can range from deep tissue for muscular relief to lymphatic drainage- a powerful detoxifing massage that stimulates the flow of blood and lymph within the body. This very relaxing massage helps to move stagnation which is the birth of several symptoms related to those clients who live sedentary lives and the problems that causes.


A system of breathing exercises whether in physical postures or seated in what seems like meditation postures. The therapeutic effects this has on an individual aside from physical movement, works deeply on the maximising the potential movements within muscles and joints, as well as helps nurture the internal organs.

It may seem like stretching muscles and locking into complicated postures, however, the 'locking' effect of each posture traps blood flow from that area.

When specific breathing is engaged the body is filled with fresh oxygen. When the posture is released a new flow of oxygen and blood reaches the muscles and organs which in turn cleanses and massages them.


The art of concentration. When concentrating on guided imagery, the mind is taken away from the present state, almost hypnotic states are profoundly relaxing and empower our client group to use their own minds to alter the states of their reality.

Breath awareness, the basis of all meditation, enables our client group to access a tool that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. By observing the breath, individuals are able to observe the nature of their own minds. This allows for a deeper understanding of their true inner nature and the behaviours of their personality. This in turn, increases emotional intelligence and empowerment to change behaviours.


A subtle energy technique that works on the basis of applying ‘energy’ into a recipient. The relaxing effect has an immediate impact on the Central Nervous System. When the body is able to reach a state of homeostasis it is able to heal by itself.

Think about a cut on your finger, so long as your system is close to a balanced state, without thinking about it, the cut quickly heals. Reiki works on getting the body to a state where it is better able to heal itself.


A massage to the feet, hands or head that works on an anatomical map superimposed on the massaged regions. Reflexology works on the ethos that by massaging these areas and working on specific points, the body is able to attain a state of balance. The effects are very similar to Reiki.

Jambo Truong 

Information about Jambo Truong and some examples of how he is using complementary therapies

Jambo Truong is an Integrated Health Consultant with a specialism in Substance Mis-Use and Hepatitis C.

He holds a degree in Integrated Health and post graduate diplomas in Ayurveda and Clinical Applications of Acupuncture. He has spent extensive periods with senior practitioners of these traditions, as well as yogis and meditation masters around the world. He has a particular interest in merging Complementary and Allopathic Medicine and believes there is a place for both in the world of health management.

Jambo’s clinical work is based on assisting with the side effects that are involved with recovery from substance mis-use, through pharmaceuticals and integration into society. He has an interest in Neuro-linguistics Programming and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. It is because of this work he has been invited to work alongside Hepatitis C positive patients, assisting them in their recovery by managing the side-effects of the heavy drugs they are prescribed.

His clinical work is currently focused around the application of various diagnostic techniques and researching their clinical evidence. For more information please visit

Jambo can be contacted for individual or organisation consultations at info@ or calling 07795631597.



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