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we're here to help people whose lives are affected by drugs


Drug treatment has changed. There is faster and better treatment available now, this does not make the first visit less daunting. hi will walk with you through the treatment journey and provide information for family members who are also supporting you.

This section looks at both drug treatment and treatment for drug associated health problems.

Drug treatment has come a long way and the numbers of professionals involved in drug treatment has grown. This can become confusing. hi will walk you through what to expect from drug treatment. 

If you are supporting someone into drug treatment you can find useful information in the "what to expect" section.  We hope this information will help guide you and your family member through the early stages of drug treatment.  Remember, there are groups on this site so you can share your experiences with others. There is more information about this below. 

The Rights section on the main menu also provides information on rights and responsibilities.  This is a growing resource and has a focus on harm reduction and human rights.

Other aspects of drug treatment

Drug treatment providers have an opportunity to offer testing for other conditions that will have a negative impact on health.  There is a growing range of supports offered by drug treament providers, they can also make referrals to other departments or services to ensure that drug users have the best health possible. 

hi provides updates about local, National and International issues that can be tackled in drug treatment or are of concern to drug users.  TB, for example, is a growing concen for drug users and hi is working on developing a full section on this issue to ensure we are all equipped with the right information. 

The supporting documents and link on the treatment pages will be a great place to start.

If you are thinking about drug treatment, or know someone who may benefit from treatment but want to talk about it first go to the hi groups page. This page will allow you to start a new topic or respond to current discussions.

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Supporting Documents