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Pathways to treatment

To quote Anita Roddick we need not just a pathway to Hep C treatment, we need a super highway! Improvements in treatment and changes to NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) guidelines mean that treatment for Hep C is more accessible for more individuals.

There are still many barriers to treatment for individuals. Misunderstandings and confusion reduce the numbers of people getting treatment in England.  hi provides information from the Hep C Trust about the virus and treatment, written by people living with Hep C for people living with Hep C.  

If you have experienced treatment and would like to share your experiences with others considering treatment, use the discussion forums to support others facing similar situations. If you would like to begin a discussion about treatment begin a thread on our groups pages.  

Offering testing should be part of a General Health Care Assessment for everyone who may have been exposed to Hep C.  There is lots of information about this assessment on this site, have a read, being prepared will always help.

Drug Action Team partnership areas across the UK have different approaches and referral pathways to Hep C treatment; if your area is a hi member you will find your specific Hep C Pathway in the intervention part of this site.  Posted below is the Hepatitis C quick reference guide for testing, this is the basic process that anyone having a test will experience. 

the hep c pathway

the hep c pathway

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