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we're here to help people whose lives are affected by drugs

Criminal Justice

The criminal justice is not just about punishment. It can also be an opening to treatment. The criminal justice system and treatment systems now work very closely together so that at every point in the criminal justice system, there will be a drugs worker who can get you in touch with treatment services.

If you or somebody you know has been arrested or cautioned because of drug use, it can be a worrying time. So it's important that you have the right information about the criminal justice system that will help you make good decisions.

This section aims to give you clear information and advice to reduce the stress you might be experiencing. It helps you to be prepared for the criminal justice process and to understand what your rights and options are.  

People's personal experiences are very important; if you think we've missed something in this section, please get in touch and let us know. 

Women and the criminal justice system

More than just surviving the criminal justice system is launched, November 2009

The hi more than just surviving the criminal justice system a guide for women resource pack is now completed.  Both booklets can be found in the supporting documents at the end of this page.

The first booklet is a support resource for women who are facing a custodial sentence.

The second booklet is for the family members or carers of the women and provides information about keeping in touch, visiting and a lot of useful information to reduce stress. 

Here is the introduction from Hazel who has written a good deal of the information in the guide for women. 

hi from Hazel

I am a 48-year-old woman. I have two children - a boy 29 and a girl 27
- both working, who have their own flats. I’m married and have lived in
my council home for 30 years. I had no criminal record until last year
2008. To look at me you would think I was the last person you would
imagine to have spent time in jail. And yet I did. I have written this in
the hope that for those who, like myself, have never had any dealings
with the prison service and have no idea what to expect, to help ease
the first few weeks of prison life.

If I had been given some information
about what to expect I would have found it much easier to cope. I hope
that even if it’s a small help this will have all been worthwhile. I have
survived and my life is back to normal and with luck yours will as well.
Look for the positive things and make the most of them and you too
could be a survivor.



Without the support of many people these guides would not have been possible.

I would like to thank everyone who supported this important piece of work.


Drug intervention programme

Want to know more?
You wilil find videos that will tell you more about the DIP programme and drug treatment in the video section at the end of this page.

"Breaking through" - Full length documentary (36' 51")

This half-hour documentary shows how the Drug Interventions Programme works to help reduce drug-related crime by getting offenders with drug dependencies into effective treatment and other support.  Professionals who help to deliver DIP are featured alongside some of the people whose lives have been changed by the Programme since it began in 2003.
"Breaking through" - Short version (6' 32")

This film is a shorter version of the full documentary, giving an overview of how the Drug Interventions Programme works and how it is making a difference.
"Treatment: The Works"

In this film, former drug-misusing offenders explain how the Drug Interventions Programme has changed their lives through a range of treatment and wraparound support.


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