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we're here to help people whose lives are affected by drugs

About hi

hi, affected by drug use and need to be better connected?

hiwecanhelp connect you brings you a new dimension to harm reduction and drug treatment.  hi is not an organisation, it is a cyber collective that provides a space to share information, ideas and best practice. 

The harm reduction model is at the centre of what hi does; provide clear, up-to-date information to reduce harm for people who use all types of drugs. 

hi recognises that harm reduction cannot be effective without the inclusion of a human rights approach.  Access to information and understanding drug treatment and having fair access to health care is an important step in developing a human rights model working alongside harm reduction.

hi will provide drug users, families and carers of drug users and front line workers with information to support learning, understanding and professional development.  The content of this site has not been produced by one person, but by many professionals in drug treatment and relevant fields.  hi prides itself on using technology in a practical way to reduce the harm caused by drug use to all members of society.

hi is more than a website, it is a “desktop” for front line workers, hosting local information to create a national resource.

The hiwecanhelp website is a problem solving resource for people affected by drug use; workers, families, loved ones and people who use drugs.  The developers of the site recognise that change occurs quickly and on a regular basis in health and workers need access to a wide range of resources.   hiwecanhelp is described as a “desktop” for workers in the field, designed by drug workers to work more effectively, saving time and reducing incorrect referrals and supporting people in to treatment faster. hiwecanhelp provides content on every relevant aspect of drug treatment to support your area in meeting the many needs of service users and providing extra support on the road to recovery. The site provides everyone effected by drug use with discussion forums to share ideas, experience or to seek support from other members.

As a member of hi you can work with other members to develop campaigns in your area increasing effectiveness and reducing cost. Providing value for money is central to what hi does.  You have control of the information you host, you up load information at your own pace and make changes whenever you need to at no cost.  hiwecanhelp develops targeted campaigns for the wider public as well as drug users in treatment.  

The hiwecanhelp team hope that you find the materials useful and we are always happy to hear from you. 

This site is always growing contact if you would like to become a member or have suggestions and recommendations for future developments.  


Roweena Russell 

0191 643 643 7 

07957 57 6305 

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